Insider Threat Security Intelligence advantages:

Benefits With Our Service

Universal Log Management is a customized global service that establishes the foundation for collecting, analyzing, and storing massive amounts of data generated by today’s advanced networks.

Working Process

A Universal Log Management strategy spans security and IT operations to provide security intelligence that allows your company to monitor, measure, and manage risk and compliance for critical business processes. Once implemented, you’re able to quickly and cost-effectively:

  • Expedite IT investigations and security incident response times
  • Eliminate manual compliance and security reporting
  • Satisfy regulatory and organizational log retention requirements with greater efficiency

The resulting unified view of security, as part of your full IT lifecycle, also enables you to make more informed business decisions.

Your business is continually tasked with managing risk and compliance, while demonstrating the value of your security investments. Universal Log Management bridges traditional security controls with IT management systems to support business processes that span hybrid IT environments. The result is a lower total cost of ownership, increased process efficiencies, and manageable risk.