Endpoint Security Products

Automatically encrypts all information on the hard drive—including user data, the operating system, temporary files and erased files, for maximum data protection. Logical partitions are boot-protected and encrypted sector-by-sector. Attempts to copy individual files or to introduce rogue programs are blocked, even when the hard drive is removed and slaved to a different computer.

The centralized endpoint security manager allows administrators to set and enforce encryption policy for removable media and devices using algorithms such as AES 256-bit, for maximum data protection. Unique to Check Point, users can securely access encrypted media from unmanaged computers, with no client installation.

The Firewall Software Blade enables network administrators to securely control access to clients, servers, and applications. With detailed visibility into the users, groups, applications, machines, and connection types, the Check Point Firewall Software Blade enables network administrators to provide superior protection across the entire security gateway.

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